What you need to know about HYPERTENSION

Hello to all student nurses….

Thought to share with you some interesting facts on Hypertension, The Silent Killer of all time….yes, it’s silent, as the majority of the people with hypertension doesn’t know the fact that they have it as this condition hardly have any symptoms. Come to have a good look at the details.


By definition, hypertension is the condition in which there is an elevation in the blood pressure readings.

Blood pressure is the force exerted on the blood vessels by the blood during the pumping action of the heart. It is directly related to the resistance of the blood vessels and the cardiac output from the heart.

Normal BP ——–> 120/80 mmHg

Hypertension ———-> BP > 130/80 mmHg ( As per the guidelines of AHA, Nov 2017).

Types Of Hypertension

1. Primary or Essential Hypertension

  • could be mild, moderate, or severe
  • Not caused by any other disease condition
  • Leads to dangerous changes in kidneys, eyes and blood vessels

2. Secondary Hypertension

  • Caused by underlying disease condition ( eg: pregnancy, acute kidney disease)


  • It’s a global health concern. 85million people in the US have Hypertension. Prevalence of hypertension in India was 32.5% ( WHO 2008). And it is rising alarmingly.
  • The major cause is an acute stress situation or an underlying disease condition.
  • A silent killer without any major symptoms
  • If left untreated, it leads to complications including stroke and heart attack.
  • Could be treated by modification of lifestyle and medication.


Lifestyle modifications including,

Weight reduction

Sodium restriction

Alcoholism restriction

Stop smoking


Behavioral modification


Single-drug should be considered from any class:


Calcium channel blocking agents

Beta-blocking agents

ACE inhibitors

Initial therapy is for one month. If no response, combination therapy is needed.

All about antihypertensive agents can be discussed in the following posts. Now bye – bye…stay healthy…..


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